Fireman's Auction

View the Auction Bill (Updated 19 July 10)

The Lakeview Heights Fire Protection District is completely volunteer. They provide Fire Protection and First Response Medical Attention to more than 400 families over 72 square miles in Benton County including 10 miles of lakefront on Lake of the Ozarks.

Recent changes enacted by the Federal Communications Commission require that the Fire Protection District must purchase new hand-held radios to comply with the new guidelines for narrower bandwidth. This effort must be completed by the beginning of 2013. The estimated cost for this effort is expected to be slightly less than twenty-five thousand ($25,000) dollars.

Funding sources for an all-volunteer organization like this one is very limited even in the best of times. wich is why we are planning an appreciation dinner on Saturday, July 24th, for the men and women volunteers; and in conjunction we will be conducting a fund-raising auction. It will be held at the pavilion at Cano Country Store. The store is located south of Cole Camp, at the juncture of Highways “B” & “W”, right around the corner from Charley’s Buffet. We have been very fortunate with donations for the auction. However, the financial need is significant,we don’t expect to achieve our objective with this single effort. In fact, we know that we will probably need every bit of the 18 months we have available.

We would be very grateful for any item, service, or certificate you can provide to us that we can include in the auction. We plan to heavily advertise this event and we will make certain that all the contributors are clearly recognized for their participation.

The appreciation dinner starts at 5 PM on Saturday, 24 July with the auction starting at 6 PM. It goes without saying that you are cordially and invited to come out and share some great food and personally participate in the auction.




Rising sun (top of the Sign)
Cano Country Store (Bottom of sign)